Marjon Graas Schoenenmode

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Marjon Graas Schoenenmode

Marjon Graas Shoes fashion

The top in trendy shoes and more

Who doesn’t know Marjon Graas Shoes fashion? In more than 20 years she has settled her name in the Zaanstreek in trendy women’s shoes.

Behind the characteristic façade with high shop windows, a trendy shoe store is combined with a craft undertaking for repairing shoes and its maintenance.

Marjon is engaged in the sale of shoes, boots, leather goods and bags. Paul repairs the shoes. Together they manage the purchase, the service, the attention and the personal advice.

Besides the extensive collection of shoes, from for example, Hugo Boss, Shabbies, G-Star, Sam Edelman, Lolo,

and Premiata, there are leather goods like Liebeskind, Hugo Boss and Anokhi.

Do you like a pair of shoes but they do not fit perfectly? Do you have problems with your feet? No problem. It‘s very easy for us to make some minor adjustments to the shoes. After all, the craftsman is located under the same roof.

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