Hemels Italian Icecream in de Zaanbocht

Hemels IJs in de Zaanbocht

Hemels Italian ice cream in the Zaanbocht

The ice cream season has already started. And how! In March, Hemels festively opened its doors with two great ‘scoops’. It’s the first ice cream parlour in the Zaan region with real Italian ice cream. Made with natural ingredients by a well-known Italian ice cream family.

Ice cream of a famous Italian ice cream family

The news of having a great ice cream parlour on the Zaan since last year was not limited to the Zaan region itself. A famous Italian ice cream family, with an ice cream tradition dating back to 1929, saw in this parlour their ideal point of sale exclusively in North Holland. Hemels Ice Cream exactly had the look that would fit well with their craft ice cream. They immediately decided to approach Hemels Ice Cream to sell their top quality ice cream, which is manufactured into a unique family recipe that only uses natural ingredients.


Tasters found this to be the best ice cream.

Entrepreneur Sandra Bouguenon & the team of Hemels did not ‘skate on thin ice’. First, a number of pilot evenings were organized in October last year. After extensive tasting the Italian ice cream was the absolute top favorite. And therefore, you can also enjoy this traditionally prepared Italian ice cream recently. With a minimum of 30 flavors. Also lactose-free/sugar-free and vegan ice cream is available.

More than just ice cream

But besides ice cream with a heavenly dab of free whipped cream, there is a lot more available on Zaanweg 109. Such as shakes, smoothies, Nespresso coffee and fresh mint tea. The real lovers of sweets do not wait any longer. They choose real Italian ice cream. They choose Hemels Ice Cream. In a renewed interior, where you imagine yourself in Italy. Ciao!

Hemels Ice Cream. Open every day from 12.00 to 21.00.

At very good weather even open to 22.00.

075 772 8235

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