Heine Kleding Wormerveer

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Heine Kleding

Here, all men succeed.

Step inside this well balanced men’s fashion store and you’ll see it right away.

The bigger brands are very widely represented: Levi’s, McGregor, Lacoste, Pierre Cardin, M.O.D. But also  Wrangler, Timezone, Bech und Noize.

If you do not succeed in finding the perfect jeans here, forget about it. Because also your size is no problem at Heine Kleding.

If it does appear that your length measure can not be found, the jeans will be customized for you. Again it’s this personal service that features so many shops in the Zaanbocht.

Does your jeans fit like a glove?

Finish your look with a nice shirt, jack or some stylish sunglasses.

But also if you want to be a bit more dressed for ocassion, you’re at Zaanweg 116 at the right place.

There are various costumes and colberts with appropriate advice. Dorien and her brother Mark provide you their personal attention!

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