The Zaanbocht presents it’s own website and commercial campaign.

To get Wormerveer in the picture as an attractive and trendy shopping area, especially the Zaanbocht, is the target of a group enthousiastic retail merchants in and around the Zaanbocht. The entrepreneurs are very ambitious in their aspiration. “Because of the character of the shops and their special location, shopping in the Zaanbocht is an unique experience. The only thing that we have to do now is to carry out the benefits. And from now own, we are going to do this together in a great way with the introduction of the website and a commercial campaign“.

On the website you will not only find information about concerted actions, like the Foodfestival on the Zaan, but also what retailers have to offer. There will be news and an up-to-date blog. This website works as an online platform on which the retailers present themselves. By regularly visiting the website, you will know which things to do and especially… which things to get in de Zaanbocht, with only a few clicks.

Shopping in the Zaanbocht is fashionable!

In the Zaanbocht it’s great for shopping, having a good drink or a nice lunch. Parking is free and there is wifi. It’s a dynamic shopping area, liked by a wide audience. That’s nothing new, because where else do you find that many distinctive shops and this unique view just at the other side?

The Zaan, on it’s own, doesn’t need any explanation. The commercial activities are buzzing around here for centuries. But in these days, the trades people receive a big boost too. Stylish boutiques and trendy shops are combined with a fresh spirit in the shops entrenched in the Zaanbocht for a long time. There is everything you need: food, fashion, giftshops and design.

What’s the power behind the shops in the Zaanbocht? There are no impersonal store chains but specialized businessess with committed owners who work together. And that’s recognizable by the warm and personal service. There is no ‘whatever’ mentality. But a ‘going for it’ mentality. It makes you shop with a smile in the Zaanbocht. And you can take your time for it: the first two hours it’s free parking anyway.

You can find everything about the Zaanbocht and its retailers at: